About Us

Lorraine Knight the Pre-School Manager leads a team of well-qualified staff members, and volunteers.  The pre-school is a registered charity and Lorraine & the team are supported by the trustees, chaired by Liz Spencer, a church member. 

Parents are part of the team as well, with opportunities to get involved:

  • New parents coffee morning

  • Fundraising

  • Review meetings

  • Sports Day

  • Christmas and end of Year Show

  • Becoming a parent trustee


For enquiries about spaces and more information please don't hesitate to contact Lorraine.

Small Worlds

Meet the Team

Lorraine Knight

Pre-school Manager

Manuela Marfo-Mensah

Pre-school Assistant

Tracey Gray

Deputy Manager

Gina Baker

Pre-School Assistant

Vacant Position

Pre-school Assistant

Jean Watkinson

Lunch Supervisor & Bank Staff

Tracey G.JPG

Angie Lawrence

Pre-School Assistant